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Your Pet's Dental Health

Take a minute to check your pet's mouth.  Bad breath, redness, tartar, bleeding? These are signs of dental disease (periodontal disease) and though they do not let us show it, their mouth hurts.  Untreated periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss plus heart , kidney and liver problems.  We want your pet to be a part of you family for a long time.  Our goal is to treat the periodontal disease and educate you on how to care for you pets to minimize this disease from reoccurring. 

1. Physical exam with one of our doctors
2. Initial oral exam of the teeth and gums during step 1
3. Remove obvious calculus at the gumline.  The most visible part of the cleaning but is the least important
4. Remove calculus below the gum line.  This is performed under anesthesia.  This very important part of the procedure involves: removing
    calculus under the gum line, smoothing rough edges and soft tissue removal inside the gingival pockets
5. Polishing and flushing the teeth
6. Fluoride to strengthen the enamel
7. Complete charting
8. Dental radiographs. 80% of dental anatomy is not visible to the eye.
9. Treatment plan- if needed may include extractions, root abscess flushing, epulis removal, biopsies, root canal
10. Home care- we discuss options with you and demonstrate products

We provide a very high standard of care for you pet.  Our doctors are trained in advance dental treatment and care, our machines are human grade and every patient is monitored during the entire procedure by our Certified Veterinary Technicians.  We require preanesthetic bloodwork and IV catheters with fluids to minimize any anesthetic complications. 

We want to help you care for your pet's teeth!